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Our technological roots date back generations. For many years, we’ve been professionals in technological services, supporting businesses in making the most of digital technology. Right now, we’re a well-known service provider of IT services in the industry. Through our extensive industry knowledge and experience, we can help you transform your business and boost its growth.

Our big worldwide team of skilled staff works creatively to provide solutions, whether it be advising or end-to-end execution. We take a hands-on approach to every project, ensuring that our clients receive the best possible service. Our track record speaks for itself – we have successfully completed projects for some of the world’s leading companies.

Please get in touch if you are looking for a consultancy firm that puts your needs first. We would be delighted to discuss your requirements further.


// What We Do?

Industry Consulting


At Philux Tech, we offer consultation for the innovative advancement of the banking industry in the contemporary world. So you can count on our experts to help transform the fundamental banking procedures and improve the overall experience for your customers.


With the advancing technology worldwide, it’s crucial for the manufacturing industry to advance and go smart too. Hence, we aim to offer you a revolutionary upgrade to the industry 4.0 standards, ensuring that you incorporate efficient manufacturing approaches and solutions that go hand-in-hand with the modern world.


At Philux Tech, we pride ourselves in providing energy companies and businesses the tools they need to change, innovate, and succeed in the industry as well as the potential market.


With the advancing times introducing more complex and challenging diseases, the need for transforming healthcare delivery into a more competitive and result-oriented service-providing solution is crucial for the welfare of every patient today

Engineering & Construction

An experience-driven digital shift in the engineering and construction industry. So you can obtain advanced, lasting, and innovative end-product, despite the type of engineering or construction projects you handle.


Say goodbye to the old-school and time-taking technologies that do not promise error-free retailing and welcome the modern technologies that hold potential for intelligent retailing. Advancing with the world is completely in our hands, so let’s do it together!

Life Sciences

Don’t let the old-school technology and outdated approaches keep your firm/company from taking the next step towards better outcomes. Just count on our industry-based consultation professionals to help you focus on results that encourage outcome-based innovation in life sciences.


With our modern tech and innovative consultations based on the communication industry, transforming communications into a digital service providing a scalable solution focused on customers' needs is no longer a challenge.

Services Consulting

Talent and Change

Use technological innovation to attract and benefit your most valuable assets: Customers. And with the ideal expert-level technological consultation offered by Philux Tech, you can never go wrong with this approach.

Business Process Management (BPM)

Reconceive existing business procedures with the satisfaction of customers in mind and take your initiative to the next level with our consultation services. As a result, you can ensure your clients and potential customers seek the best value service.

Technology Business Management

With the years of experience of our global team of consultants in offering top-notch service consultation, we pride ourselves in serving the field of service transformation with result-oriented consultations that last.

AI and Automation

Unleash AI to boost profitability and user experience Leverage artificial intelligence to improve your profits and customers' experiences, and say goodbye to the old-school challenges caused by inefficient processes and technologies.

Digital Strategy & Transformation

Philux Tech prides itself in its tech-oriented consulting services by suggesting innovative solutions for increasing the rate of digital transformation enabled by technology at a larger scale.

Digital Operations

Take your digitization to the next level by innovating, adapting, and transforming your service operations through modern tech solutions. In this way, you can achieve revolutionary improvements in operational performance and ensure the quality of your service and the satisfaction of the users.

Big Data and Analytics

With our global team of experienced and skilled consultants at Philux Tech, you can ideally leverage the insights gleaned from data to achieve actual business value.

Cybersecurity and Risk

With Philux Tech, establishing safe and enduring organizations is no longer a challenge. So the modern-day tech risks and cyber-attacks are no more a threat to you.